Auto apply coupons at checkout: Lowest Prices a click away

Auto apply coupons is a free google chrome extension from which lets you discover the best price for any online product by auto applying applicable coupons and offers on your shopping cart without leaving your browser. This is a first of a kind product to support all leading online stores in India.

Lowest Online Prices

Discover lowest online prices for any product without leaving your browser.

Personalized Savings Report

Get personalized savings report based on your shopping cart. Saving reports includes which coupon/offer would provide lowest prices, as well as all applicable coupons with cart values.

Auto apply coupons at checkout

No more searching and manually applying coupons.  Best coupons providing maximum savings for your shopping cart is automatically applied. Any cash backs/promotions applicable on coupons are also auto calculated to generate the best price.

Absolutely Free

Yes, this magical tool is absolutely free. Get free upgrades as we add new online stores.  Report any issues with the tool in the Forum and our team would get back to you soon.
Are you looking for best online prices ? Do you regularly apply coupons? Are you sure you are getting the maximum savings for your online purchases? Do you still apply coupons manually? Still searching for coupons that work. Well, the answers is just a click away. From apparels to shoes, mobiles to smartphones, electronics to home appliances, travel to hotels bookings, the shopping assistant tool(SSP) calculates best price based on your shopping cart and online purchases.
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How it Works – Show me the Magic

1. Install Dealspick chrome extension

Install Dealspick ShopSmartPrice extension. Once installed click on SSP icon to launch the shopsmartprice extension !

2. Select Online Store

Select an online store to discover best prices for any product for the selected online store. ShopSmartPrice extension supports over 70+ leading online stores, if you can’t find your favorite online store, simply request it via this link and we would add it.

3. Shop as Usual

Shop as usual on the selected store. Add products to the cart like you would normally do.

4. GET Smart Price

On the shopping cart page (where you find the coupon box), click on the SSP Icon to launch the ShopSmartPrice extension and click on GET SMART PRICE button.

5. Auto apply coupon process

Wait for progress bar to finish as the ShopSmartPrice extension applies all the applicable coupons and calculates the best prices based on your shopping cart. The process could take anywhere between 1-10 minutes depending on the applicable coupons and products added in the shopping cart.

6. Personalized Savings Report

After the progress bar ends, you would find your personalized savings report. The personalized savings report includes coupon details which would fetch you the lowest prices based on your shopping cart, along with final shopping cart value and all the applicable coupons applicable on your shopping cart with cart prices after coupon’s are applied.

7. Best Coupon Auto Applied on Shopping Cart

The best coupon providing the maximum savings is auto applied on your shopping cart. Simply use this coupon to get lowest prices for your shopping cart. You can also use any one of the coupons provided in your savings report. This is useful in case of bank or credit card specific coupons, where you may not have a particular credit card to avail the best price.



Support & Reviews.

We are fully dedicated to provide you the best online price for your online shopping needs. The ShopSmartPrice extension is updated daily with new coupons and offers. For issues, please reach out to us via the forum. Check out what our users are saying about this magic tool!

“WOW – I can now discover lowest prices instantly.”

WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. I shop a lot and most of my time goes in searching for coupons, applying them and check what works. With this tool, I got the lowest price auto applied, along with a proof of valid coupons !!  WOW- AMAZING!” - Google User

I was quite skeptical of using the tool, but was surprised to see it actually worked to get me the best deal for my hotel bookings !
The tool is very simple to use. I wish I could have discovered this earlier as I can now see all applicable prices for my shopping!
A must for very online shopper who needs lowest prices.